Yes, it has been a long week for some of us and an interesting week for others. Either way, we have to keep living and believing that we are going to be fine. You need that positive energy to make it happen.

We have an interesting topic to discuss at the moment. If you are wondering the connection between self-esteem and your skin, well yes they are connected! As a matter of fact, the impact is very significant. Let me share a back story. I saw screenshots of a Tweet from a certain Seiko on Twitter and it sparked my interest.
She shared her journey through ugly skin breakout and how she dealt with it. That is not the interesting part. What I found most intriguing was some of the comments in the comment section. The main tweet opened up a means for those who suffered similar conditions to open up about their insecurities. Let me share some of the screenshots with you.

In the tweet I shared above, Seiko thought she knew confidence until her skin started to heal. She could feel her confidence returning as she became even more bold. You know what I think? I think some people are not introverts, they have just lost the confidence to mix with people. They would rather not go through the stress and mental torture of having to answer questions like, ‘what happened to your face?’, ‘are you okay?’ and so on. What’s worse? Everyone suddenly has an advice, suggesting different solutions and treatment. To be honest, this can be draining. I feel the effect of a damaged skin goes beyond what people really think.

The Regrets:
While some people don’t feel responsible for their skin conditions, some do because the state of their skin is as a result of applying different products. Maybe you are in this category. You feel you deserve your present skin condition. Yes, you made mistakes but it doesn’t have to be that way forever. I am particularly passionate about seeing people glow effortlessly and confidently because everyone deserves to.

On Loving Yourself:
I hear a lot of motivational speeches revolving around loving yourself the way you are, being comfortable in your own skin and all that. Yes! By all means, love yourself. Give yourself a treat. But sometimes you
Should not be comfortable with what is obviously unhealthy. What about skin conditions that you can fix? Should you care less? What do you stand to lose by fixing some of these health issues or skin problems? Let me say this, whatever money you put in making yourself healthy is an investment not luxurious spending. You need your confidence, because you will be less worried about how you look and this can even boost overall productivity.

Do it the healthy way:
In the rush to get your skin clear and free of all unhealthy conditions, it is of importance that you do it the healthy and natural way. Trust me, you don’t want to create a more serious problem for yourself in an attempt to solving one.

Useful Tips:
1. Drink a lot of water. Stay hydrated to make your skin feel healthy, look healthy and not dry. Also, eat fruits that have high water content like watermelon, orange, etc.

2. Always remove your make-up if you’re on any before you go to bed. Yes, do not go to bed with your makeup on overnight.

3. Eat Healthy. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and low-sugar diet meals. Avoid excessive fried foods.

4. Work out Regularly. The fats, the toxic products, sweat it all out at the gym or during your routine exercise.

5. Sleep right. The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized. Rest because your skin can get tired. Lack of rest causes your face to sag and you get bags and stress could make you get wrinkles and finelines too.

6. Use more of natural products on your skin. Going natural is important because you do not want to expose your skin to toxic chemicals that will wreck damage and cause more harm to your skin in the future.

At Mgbeke, we have good natural products for your skin. You can take a look here, and try out some of our natural products to see a long lasting, healthy effect.
Remember your skin health has a powerful impact on your emotional and mental stability, and it is worth whatever investment you put in it.

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