What We Do

Mgbeke LLC ensures that her clients’ needs are met by leveraging latest mechanisms in the digital world to their advantage.

MGBEKE LLC is an integrated, multi-dimensional organization that offers professional insights on Organic Herbal And Natural Beauty Products/ Natural Nutritional supplements, Business Management and Development Consultancy, Educational Consultancy, Entrepreneurship Development Training and Consultancy, Talent Development and Acquisition Services, Reputation Management and Media/Public Relations Services.

Mgbeke LLC offers top-notch business, media, and educational consultancy as well as top-of-the-line digital services to public firms, corporate organizations, government agencies, and business brands, with the aim of advocating for competency and professionalism in the workplace as well as to broaden the horizon of our respective clients in the business environment they operate in. In the same vein, we bridge the gap between providers of goods and services locally and internationally and their end users all over the world by giving them a platform to showcase and market their goods and services.

Annual PR

Mgbeke LLC creates an annual activity plan and calendar that will be your guide for the year with the aim of catapulting you higher than your competitors and bringing you to the spotlight. We have a well-tailored plan and strategy to move you from nowhere to everywhere.

Community Relations

Mgbeke LLC is professionally grounded in bridging the gap for effective communication between you and your target audience. We help you engage communities online and offline. We have fashioned out explorative ways to help you gain ground at your target areas. We also negotiate and lobby for you, for government agencies, and for the communities, and we handle this in a very natural way to ensure your satisfaction.

Media/Publishing Consultancy

We understand the need for professionals to come up with content that portrays their brand rightly. At Mgbeke LLC, we have content creators, developers, ghostwriters, editors, digital media personnel, and brand consultants who ensure that our clients come up with a branded intellectual property that speaks highly of them.

Tech-Driven Business Solutions

The Digital space offers the game-changing potential to enhance client engagement, level the playing field, dissolve communication barriers, and increase sales. Mgbeke LLC. helps businesses communicate their story in today’s competitive marketplace effectively. We’ve worked with a number of businesses to help them tell their story and get their message across to their target audience using a variety of platforms. Our services range from Website Design, Development & Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Video & Graphics Design just to mention a few.

Entrepreneurship / Profitability Consultancy

We understand that there are savvy individuals who have entrepreneurial ideas but lack knowledge of how to utilise available human capital and profit from them. We help them carry out projects relating to their ideas and map out strategies to get results.

Social Media Management

We understand how to leverage the ever-evolving technologies, platforms, and channels to help clients from all sectors measurably improve business outcomes. With this, our clients’ business image is greatly improved and professionally positioned to boost influence and profitability.

Educational Consultancy

We are committed to boosting educational standards across the globe. To this end, we provide information on scholarships and educational programmes to students and help them access these programmes. We also offer consultancy services to corporate and government agencies who wish to carry out educational projects as part of their social responsibility programmes.

Product Branding and Launch

In this competitive market place, your chance to make a first impression should be one of a kind. We help you tell your story, package your product story, and give you a single shot with a successful product launch.

Research and Monitoring

Mgbeke LLC uses fashionable tools to monitor conversions regarding our clients on electronic, traditional and social media.

Crisis Management

We know how long it takes to build a brand and establish its reputation. Then crisis hits, and overnight, CEOs and their team are under siege. Names that are worth millions are ruined and revenue lost. Our PRO-ACTIVE methodology applies a series of proven tools throughout this process to help manage reputation in the face of crisis and have you and your team come out unhurt.


Wenetly helps champions of Industries connect and stay connected with the world by Conceptualizing, Creating and Promoting contents/stories around the secret and admirable qualities that help change their lives.

We select only exemplary leaders from every scope of life and promote them across the globe in a bid to spark up the much-needed inspirations amongst the young people towards a better future.

Mgbeke Media

Mgbeke Media, is a child company of Mgbeke LLC, based in the United States of America

Mgbeke Media is not an everyday news and media organization. We bring a unique new look to the media presentations. Aside from our dedication to the dissemination of fact-based news as well as educational productions and publications, Mgbeke Media offers motivational and inspirational publications and products for our readers and viewers

Mgbeke Marketplace

The Mgbeke Marketplace is an initiative where people in rural areas can enjoy our platform to connect to the world and we connect the world to them for the exchange of ideas, products and services.

Here they can showcase, promote and market their products and services using our established platforms and massive connections. They can also use our professional logistics network for worldwide deliveries at very competitive and favorable rates.

Let’s Connect On Mgbeke

Let’s Connect with you on Mgbeke to advertise and promote your products, services, brand, and events on our platform for a token. These include birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, anniversaries, special shoutouts where old friends and families can reconnect, family integration services, music promotions, product promotions, and many more.

Our team can be on-hand to cover your events, and we can arrange for surprise calls or visits on your birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days. You could also send your wedding and event clips to us, and we’ll promote them on our platform, which is a global and premium space that is ideal for all your promotions and advertising needs.


  • Our team of internationally-trained professionals and trainers employ pro-active methodology and proven strategies tailored specifically to meet our clients’ need.
  • We deliver based on experience with a forecast on possible problems most business and corporate brands often encounter and take precautionary steps on their behalf.
  • Our specially-identified training packages allow for ideal reflection of your company’s needs and operational loopholes as we make efforts to tackle them with trademarked-result-oriented strategies.
  • Our decision to employ organic and natural approach in solving health and business-related problems has earned us countless recommendation from our clients.
  • On the overview, Mgbeke LLC believes in Talent Discovery, Development, and Management (TDDM). We give you and your team the opportunity to discover yourselves and shape that business idea to become a viable asset to the world naturally and with ease.