Ijeoma Chinakwe Amazing Review On Mgbeke Product

Some days ago on this blue streets I found out my big sis Sandra C Duru has a line of skincare products produced here in the  ?? so I quickly ordered some , AS I SHOULD!!!
First of, I am skeptical about changing skincare products, I am a dove girl, plus most of these skincare gurus are light skinned( this is not me throwing a shade )but I am jealously preserving what is left of my melanin ehh because this New England cold be making me shades lighter
Now, Sandra is blood so  I would patronize her but that’s not just the reason..,Sis is Freshhhhhhh and her Melanin is intact, if she is sharing her secret better believe I am buying.
Anyway I ordered 2 items, she found my order sent me a screenshot on Facebook and as I confirmed she said she was adding 2 extra products free??
Products came and I loveeeee them
I started using the bailey and mint soap  and it’s so refreshing, Then the face scrub,  Sisi nailed that formula ?? your face feels clean but you don’t feel stripped and dry like the other scrubs leave you, and the smell… simply delicious.
Products are made with ingredients you can actually pronounce ,botanicals extracts, organic natural herbs, spices, roots, fruits from the ancient African secrets that kept our forefathers living healthy , feeling great and looking younger.
Packaging on point and each item says “with love from Mgbeke”
To you Sis , Ada Ezum Jisike Nne, you doing us proud.
# MgbekeLLC

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