How Papa Benji Got His Mojo Back The “JuiceHim Ojege7” Way!

How Papa Benji Got His Mojo Back The “JuiceHim Ojege7” Way!

It was just 2 am, but no one in the compound could sleep. No thanks to the noise from our neighbor, Papa Benji’s apartment, again!

As much as it wasn’t our business back then, a few of the other tenants in the yard and I had secretly called him aside and tried to warn him about the young, robust, and very energetic Calabar girl he had set his eyes upon to take as a new wife.

“Papa Benji, are you sure that you have the strength to service this kind of load you want to carry? We don’t want to start planning your funeral after your wedding o,” we had jokingly but firmly implored him in our normal Pidgin English lingua.

“Not at all!” he boasted, “My engine is still brand new and can carry any load I put on it,” he laughed as he waved off our worried counsel that day.

Now, barely two weeks since he married her, it’s been mayhem every night in the yard, as Papa Benji’s inability to satisfy his new bride would always lead to her screaming, wailing, and cursing him out for always “going off the pitch just as she’s still getting warmed up to start.” Palava!

This was our life every night, and the stress began to take a toll on us all even more than Papa Benji himself. And, just when it looked like there would be no redemption for him with his insatiable new young wife, a friend of mine came calling one day with the best news I’ve heard since puff-puff was invented.

“Chief Chidex!” Chinedu hailed me in his usual boisterous nature. “How are you, my brother? And, how is the business coming along too these days, bro?” he further enquired.

“Very well, my brother. I give thanks to God,” I replied.

“Good. Good,” he said. “Hmmm, so why haven’t you still decided to pick a wife from all these beautiful girls I see around you and settle down? You are not getting any younger, Chief!” he continued in his now customary manner. Chinedu had been trying to marry me off, if he could, for the past two years now.

This time around, though, my declination was a bit more firm, and upon his persistent pressing, I told him our latest ordeal in the yard with Papa Benji and his new bride sent to call him to glory. Chinedu almost split his lungs and ribs in an uncontrollable and quite infectious spate of laughter. But then after came the good news and our redemption in the yard.

“Wait, so you mean to tell me that Papa Benji went to buy trailer tires to fix on his bicycle wheels?” he teased and burst into another round of laughter first before going on to disclose, “So, you folks haven’t heard about the awesome 100% organic herbal supplement that Prof. Mgbeke has blessed us with since?”

“I have never heard about that one. Please tell me more, bro,” I pleaded.

And, like an accomplished schoolmaster, Chinedu switched lingua effortlessly as he delved into the details of this fantastic new supplement.

“My brother, Mgbeke JuiceHim Ojege7 is a male enhancement support vitamin supplement for a healthy sex drive,” he began. “It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that may help to support stamina and sexual libido, especially for misfiring men like Papa Benji.

Some of the main ingredients in this supplement are Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine HCI, vitamin B12, and Bioperine. This proprietary blend of ingredients makes for one of the best male enhancement supplements in the market,” he said.

At this point I felt like I had just hit a billion-dollar jackpot. Oh, so I finally get to have some peaceful nights in this yard again? I felt like crying and dancing at the same time!

“My brother, please tell me more about this wonderful product,” I all but pleaded with an already eager Chinedu.

“Of course, bro. What are we brothers for? Your peace is my priority,” he beamed.

“See,” he continued, “This unique supplement is formulated to empower natural masculinity. It is scientifically designed to support male virility and libido. The amino acid, L-Arginine HCI, Tongkat Ali, and Bioperine also help the overall muscular health of men.

While the carefully selected and sourced botanical extracts in this supplement encourages healthy blood flow, sex drive, better performance, stamina, and active sex function.

I can assure you that Papa Benji will feel younger and happy because Mgbeke’s JuiceHim Ojege7 will help him reignite the passion in the bedroom and make sex great again. More pleasure and fewer hassles from his young bride,” he concluded.

My joy and excitement knew no bounds, and I immediately dashed to MGBEKE LLC Store at: to see things for myself. “Wow! How have I never known about such an amazing product like this all this while,” I thought to myself.

After reading through the key benefits of using this Mgbeke’s JuiceHim Ojege7, I already had my mind made up. This supplement provides mood enhancement, improves your sexual endurance and stamina, encourages healthy blood flow, supports your muscular and sexual health, and helps to increase your sex drive and performance.

So, I am definitely buying myself a bottle of this to prepare well ahead of my own daily “duty calls,” too, you know? I cannot afford to become the next Papa Benji in this yard, please!

Oh, and Papa Benji and his wife, right? Of course, the noise never stopped. In fact, it got much louder, and it is that kind of noise that ensures that all the single bachelors like me won’t sleep well in that yard as we hear it! I should have known, right?

Yes, Papa Benji is now firing like a brand new Lamborghini, but the sound from his apartment every night now, ehn. Hmmm, it is well, indeed.

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