8 Fun Facts About Your Lips That Makes Mgbeke’s Lip Conditioner Vital For You!

Lips! Oh, many diverse thoughts rush through our minds as we think about this word right now. As tiny and inglorious as it may appear to some, the human lip is more valuable than many of us imagine.

There are many things a lot of us do not know about our lips that we ought to know. Maybe, and just perhaps, it could come in very handy for us as we search for other crucial things that we think have nothing to do with our lips.

For instance, do you know that you can determine the suitability of an intended partner just by locking lips with them in a kiss? Oh, yes, you can! According to recent scientific reports, kissing helps humans get close enough to a potential partner.

Kissing at this proximity then helps us smell the pheromones they emit during this act and exchange biological information about them. This is even more why you must ensure that your lips are well enhanced and perfectly conditioned always. You never can tell when or where that life-changing kiss could come up for you, you know?

Do you also know that your top lip is the same shade as your nipple? Hence finding your best natural lipstick shade is as simple as knowing the exact shade of your nipple’s color! Awesome, right?

Well, if you think that these facts are amazing, you haven’t seen the last of them yet. Here are 6 other fun facts about your lips that make Mgbeke’s Lip Enhancement Balm & Conditioner absolutely vital for you!

1. Like your fingerprints, your lip prints are unique to you. If smartphones were ever to have a security function requiring a lip print to open the device, you had better make sure that your lips are well-conditioned and always in the best shape.

2. According to another scientific report, your lower lip is way more sensitive than your upper lip at picking up sensations and signals from the brain. In simpler terms, our brains listen more to signals from our lower lips.

3. Men are more likely to have mouth cancer than women. This is because women wear lipstick and use lip balms that protect the lips from dangerous UV rays. The balms and lipsticks are made with ingredients that contain Sun Protection Factor (SPF).

Now you have another fantastic gift item to buy for him next time you go shopping; a Mgbeke Lip Enhancement Balm & Conditioner, of course!

4. Your lips naturally deform as your skin ages. The loss of skin volume makes the corners of your mouth start turning down. So, instead of sticking wrinkle-reducing injections into your delicate lips, try our 100% organic lip enhancement balm, and you will surely come back for more.

5. Toddlers and babies stick things in their mouths because the human lip is reportedly 100 times more sensitive than our fingertips. Our lips have no defensive membrane and contain over 1 million different nerve endings. These nerve endings help babies gather more information about things than any other sense.

6. Our lips are highly prone to dryness because they cannot sweat as there is no presence of oil or sweat glands on them. Hence, as you drink lots of water to keep them moisturized, be sure to have our balm and conditioner handy to help keep your lips in pristine condition.

Here at Mgbeke LLC, though, we are all about the holistic wellbeing of our bodies. This is why we only use the very best secret ancient herbs and roots to produce our organic products.

Our Lip Enhancement Balm and Conditioner is a soft and silky lip balm that helps support the look of fuller lips. Our creamy, non-sticky formula helps hydrate and soften the lips with a sweet, peppermint flavor. The flowering succulent, Pink Purslane Extract, also known as “Enjoy The Kiss,” gives the lips a support boost. And the Botanical Extracts found in mushrooms also help rejuvenate the appearance of the lips.

With an easy-to-use, none-messy applicator, our Lip balm, plumper, and conditioner will provide a refreshing tingle for your lips when applied throughout the day. And, now that you know a lot more about your lips, you surely need to take better care of them than you’re currently doing.

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