I have gotten a lot of questions from lovers of my brand concerning the name MGBEKE and why we had to go for this name. It is beautiful to know that our audience all over the world are interested in who we are and what we stand for.

In the olden days, Mgbeke is a woman; a very strong woman of the Igbo origin who believes in her root. People see her as local but as a woman of astute virtue, she does not leave the lane of honesty and sincerity. She believes in nature and originality.

In this same vein, we at MGBEKE LLC have taken after this bespoke model to provide solutions to problems in today’s society. We apply natural and organic processes in our business and come up with unique and standard ways to meet global standards. We bridge gaps in global businesses by incorporating purely natural strategies to solving emerging global problems.

On a broader view, MGBEKE LLC is taking us back to nature; to where we come from. A quick review of the olden days shows that our forefathers did not die the way people die these days. This is accredited to the fact that they do not eat and use most of the things we use today. The rise in complicating ailments and untreatable diseases was barely noticed during their time against what we see today. This is greatly accrued to the use of herbs and strict compliance to consuming organic foods.

During those days, the use of toxic materials was at the minimum level; no GMOs, no preservatives, no chemicals, and no food colourings. Those days, the subtle urge to make foods look enticing yet unhealthy was deficient and not in vogue. No wonder our forefathers lived up till 90-120 years; strong and vibrant.

It is saddening that today, we celebrate life at 60. A life cut short due to the condition of canned and preserved foods. A life cut short due to negligence and ignorance of our natural offerings. Today, we give in to the use of products processed with toxic and unhealthy materials. Producers of these products do so with little or no attention to the adverse effects the toxic substances have on our body.

At MGBEKE LLC, we have taken a bold step away from the usual way of doing things to the ideal and natural way. We have gone back to our roots and committed ourselves to sending out products made from the best of herbs, seeds, and roots. We understand that the idea is not about using herbs but about using it right. With our experience so far and seeing the wrong way acclaimed producers of natural products process their herbs, we have decided to stand out and do it right.

In case you do not know, some herbs shouldn’t be boiled but roasted. Some should be fermented but dried. Some should even be used immediately they are uprooted. This is why most of our productions require that we go with our machinery while sourcing for most of these herbs. We know that if this is not done right, we will end up endangering lives. Beautifully enough, our commitment to natural processing has made us become a brand name in the mouths of a thousand and one persons awaiting the unveiling of our products.

At MGBEKE LLC, we insist on preserving and sustaining lives through our highly-recommended natural and organic models to solving health and business-related problems.

We are original!

We are MBGEKE!

One reply on “WHY THE NAME MGBEKE?

  • Tadeniawo Collins

    Mgbeke’s bespoke organic products are made from ancient secret natural ingredients as opposed to what most other so-called organic beauty products makers use that only bleach and damage the skin when applied.

    I know that’s why most of the products here don’t come cheap at all, but, honestly, they’re all worth every penny!

    I look forward to buying more of my favorite Mgbeke Alkanet Lavender Organic Bar Soap and the replenishing unique Mgbeke Natural Oil Cleanser before I run out of the ones I’m using now. Thank you, Mgbeke?❤️??


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