Soul Tonic – A Daily Motivational & Inspirational Guide (Vol. 1)

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Sandra Duru



Publisher – Mgbeke Media Publishing

Print Length – 990 Pages

Language – English

Publication Date – November 27, 2022

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Dr. Sandra C. Duru is a street-smart spiritual warrior whose knowledge-of-self game is extra tight. The CEO of MGBEKE LLC, TUFF INCORPORATED, and WENETLY has weathered massive storms of life and had her eyes opened and her heart broken severely many times. However, her mental toughness and strength have remained unshakable through it all.

If anyone could make being broken look beautiful, it is her. Her strength keeps her going, and she believes in every inch of this universe. She loves life with all her heart, and it loves her right back. Hence, she’s always played an essential role in other people’s lives.

Dr. Duru is a Life Coach, Successful Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Media & Public Relations Consultant, Education Consultant, Psychologist, Information Strategist, Herbal Medicine Practitioner, and Motivational Speaker. She is also an astutely Creative Writer, Talent Discovery, Development & Management Consultant, and an Infinite Solution Provider to general life issues.

She also doubles as a Certified Career Counselor, Certified Democratic Leadership Trainer, Certified Lobbyist & Negotiator, and Life & Business Strategist.

Dr. Duru is a lover, a protector; she’s courageous and incredibly strong. She has faced more struggles than other people can ever imagine. Having been rejected and disowned at age 15, she grew up without any relatives or family. Her life’s journey has been a combination of Joseph’s and Job’s stories. She’s also endured a harrowing experience that could be likened to Potiphar’s wife’s malicious accusations when she was falsely accused of trafficking her children into the United States of America.

As Managing Director, CEO, and owner of Sanchhy Nigeria Limited, Zest Media & Entertainment, and Excellence Cables & Electronics Company, Dr. Duru temporarily lost all these enormous corporations and a lot more within a very short time in 2016. She had to start from scratch in a faraway country with her three children and no one to support or help but God.

Such have been her very Joseph-and-Job-like experiences in life, but like them, God has been gracious to her all through. Today, she stands in joyous celebrations and victory over all her past afflictions, and she does so with a massive bag of inspirational stories and experiences to share in her daily Soul Tonics.

She is aware that she has no limits. Her growth game is on fleek, and her boundaries keep her in check. This is why she lives in the present moment but has a big vision for her future. She surely knows what it means to have been branded a “big failure,” having hit severe rock bottoms in both business and her personal life in the past.

 Now, Dr. Duru walks around with the moon in her heart and the stars in her eyes. She lives in the deep, and her patience is eternal. She has passed through the furnace, and her scars tell the story. Having dined with the devil, she now rides on the back of angels. She is her storm and the hero of her story.

Fondly known as the “Undefeated Village Girl,” she speaks in parables and listens with compassion. She feels every energy and understands every vibration. This is why her patience is eternal, and her love is her superpower.


Soul Tonic (Vol. 1) is not your regular, off-the-shelf motivational literature that attempts to encourage people not to quit and give in to depression, yet fails to proffer practical examples and solutions to them which can help them be more and do more with their lives too.

This book not only tells you why you must never give up on yourself, but it also shares real-life experiences and profound wisdom on how to find your way out of any dark corner and how to be the royalty and champion you were created to be!

It is a compilation of some of the wealth of experience, insight, God-given admonitions, and invaluable inspirational nuggets Dr. Sandra C. Duru has shared across the board to date. 

Intended to serve as a daily motivational and inspirational guide for all in dire need of a soul-lifting boost without any condemnation or castigation for their shortcomings, it also contains never-before-revealed details about her life, her journey so far, and how God has helped her to break new grounds and become widely renowned and established worldwide despite all her travails.

It is also designed to help the readers to develop mental toughness that would help them come through all of life’s storms unscathed.




Popular Nigerian-born African-American Business Magnate, Humanitarian, and Media & PR Expert Dr. Sandra Chidinma Duru has published motivational and inspirational quotes, articles, and journals across several media platforms daily for over 22 years on her websites: and

And, if anyone knows how it feels to be written off and cast aside as a no-good, it is Dr. Duru. Hence she has dedicated her life to nurturing, motivating, inspiring, mentoring, and helping those who have also been written off to do more and be more in life.

This book offers daily motivational and wisdom nuggets designed to inspire and provoke the reader to be more direct and intentional about their daily lives.

While helping them develop mental toughness as they apply the daily nuggets, it is also designed to help any seemingly average person with no recognized writing skills develop a passion for it by documenting their daily activities while also grooming several top writers among them, too, in the process.

Dr. Duru is also a renowned Information Strategist, Talent Acquisition Manager, street-smart spiritual warrior, and a self-taught, highly-driven, and highly motivated individual whose life story and personal experiences are both touching and deeply inspirational, too.

She is also the author of the best-selling motivational and inspirational journal, “Voice Of Nature – My Life & Daily Chronicles (Vol. 1).”

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